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The launch ceremony of the 60,000 DWT semi-submersible Fan-Zhou 10 was held in Nantong
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On the afternoon of January 21, 2019, Jiangsu Fan-Zhou officially launched "Fan-Zhou 10", a semi-submersible ship with 60,000 tons of deadweight, in Nantong Xiangyu Marine Equipment. More than 200 people were invited to attend the ceremony, including Mr. Jiang Juejie, the Chairman of the board of directors of Fan-Zhou and Mr. Deng Qidong,  the Chairman of the board of directors of XMXYGOE.

Fan-Zhou 10 is the world's first large semi-submersible ship designed with two engines and two OARS. This ship is designed to carry a load of 60,000 tons, captain 239.6 meters, type width 48 meters, type depth 13.5 meters, main engine power 19140KW, design speed 16 knots, infinite navigation area, classification CCS, deck effective area 198.4*48, loading capacity 6*2500 m3/h. After completion, it will be mainly used for offshore oil engineering services, transportation of major components, and whole ship transportation of special ships.

So far, Fan-Zhou 10 vessels has been ranked fifth in the same type of ship carrying capacity in the world, especially leading the Chinese market. The construction of Fan-Zhou 10 is a new milestone in the development, which truly realizes the full coverage of bulk transport mode. The upcoming Fan-Zhou 10 will undoubtedly open a new chapter for the bulk transport of Fan-Zhou shipping.

Fan-Zhou shipping, with a dream, mind the sea, the courage of all staff for 15 years, unremitting efforts, will eventually achieve the vision of Fan-Zhou shipping, where there is the sea there is Fan-Zhou.

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